2014 Eras festival in Oslo

The festival is organised every year in Summer time in Oslo since 2008. Tibetans in Norway have been participating in this festival for the last four years.

The festival opens on Saturday 23.08.14 at the town hall square by some 20 different national groups from Oslo, with a parade through the main town street. The Tibetan Community in Norway as usual presents its Tibetan cultural dances with their colorful dresses on both days of the festival. ending with a unique Yak-dance which trills the crowd.

Loten Namling from Switzerland is specially invited to perform together with other professional groups at the festival. Here are some glimps of the festival, and please watch dance video recordings at Youtube sites.

2014 ERAS-festival 0192014 ERAS-festival 014 2014 ERAS-festival 005 2014 ERAS-festival 004 2014 ERAS-festival 08 2014 ERAS-festival 04 2014 ERAS-festival 06 2014 ERAS-festival 07 2014 ERAS-festival 002 2014 ERAS-festival 007

  2014 ERAS-festival 021 2014 ERAS-festival 020Photos by Chophel Norbu




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