His Holiness’ Oslo Visit 2014

On may 7th His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama visited Oslo, Norway for three days stay. He was invited by the Nobel Peace Committee, Karma Tashi Ling Buddhist society and the Buddhist Association in Norway. It had been 25 years since His Holiness won the Nobel Peace Prize for his many years of advocating non violence and peace, and his work for a free Tibet. His Holiness had three major public engagements starting with a buddisht teaching followed by the student symposium at Chateau Neuf hall and a general public talk at Folketeater the day after. His Holiness has chosen to focus on a dialogue with students. Under the topic «Taking Responsibility for Tomorrow’s World» he wants to challenge the Norwegian students on taking action, and discuss what prevents this on both a personal level and in the community. The event is organized by Kulturutvalget at the Norwegian Students’ Society an this year’s Arne Næss Symposium. He visited the Nobel peace centre, the norwegian parliament and the Nobel institute. He is aslo met by a group of Christian Bishops as well as by the representative of Sami people headed by the Sametings president Aili Keskitalos

Here are some pictures from the three days of His Holiness stay.


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