HH Dalai Lamas birthday

His Holiness Dalai Lamas birthday was celebrated at the Karma Tashi Ling Buddhist Centre on Monday July 6th. It started with a prayer ceremony and putting up new prayer flags at 11 am.  In the evening was folk dancing, a second prayer ceremony, which included acoustic music by Norwegian buddhists. Dinner was served at 6 pm.

We celebrate HH Dalai Lamas birthday on our blog by playing an orchestra version of two tibetan songs; The songs are performed by students of the San José Youth Chamber Orchestra with members of the San José Chamber Orchestra. Here are some alternate versions of the same songs with lyrics; Blue Lake/Tso Ngongpo (written by Dhondrub Gyal/Chopathar W. Mache)  Snow Lion of Peace/Zhiwai Gangseng (Written by Techung).


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